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Please submit the following information and any changes for your Domain Name. Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Once you have entered the necessary information and submitted the form we will renew your Domain Name per your request. We will email you once the Domain Name is renewed and include the billing amount. Thank you for your business.


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All domain names originally registered with, or Registrar transferred in using Spectrum21's Registration Services renew automatically one day prior to the registry expiration date. This is done to ensure your domain name does not expire unless you instruct Spectrum21 otherwise.

Spectrum21 will provide you with advanced notification of any pending domain name renewals you may have; however, you may renew your domain name before you receive your renewal notice. Specific renewal and non-renewal instructions will be provided in the notice you receive. Spectrum21 asks that you please keep all contact information (especially your email address) up to date at all times.

If your domain name expires and does not renew as intended, it may be because there is an invalid payment method on file for your account. We only accept credit/debit card transactions for domain name renewals and registrations. If you received notice that your payment method on file was declined, you will have about 10 days after the expiration date to correct the problem and making sure payment is received before then. Failure to do so will result in deactivation of your domain name and its subsequent release to the open pools of domains for others to post registration requests.

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