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Complete our Internet services form and get more information about Spectrum21’s complete Internet services for your company from web hosting and Domain Name Registration to great Web Design service and superior Web Development…We can do it all for you plus, continue to maintain and enhance your website with our very reasonable Web Master Services.


Outsourcing your Websites ongoing development and design to Spectrum21 is a great value. Forrester estimates an internally hosting and maintained website costs $ 61,000 per year, not counting the cost of developing your site, new headcount or vacation, sick pay, and taxes of employees to maintain the website. If your site demands 24-hour reliability, you’ll spend even more for additional personnel, redundant hardware, extra lines for peak loads and so on. Spectrum21 has the resources and ability to save you money and time…so you can do what you do best!


Save Resources:

Combining your Web services with Spectrum21 can help you free up your resources to do other things in your business. Keeping up with ever-changing web technology and Internet services changes requires an enormous amount of time and human resources. Spectrum21 has access to highly trained, knowledgeable support staff in place to control and maintain the website, provide technical support, and manage the entire operation 24 hours a day, every day. Duplicating our commitment to Web Development and Internet Services is a tall order for most organizations. Spectrum21 is here to help!

Complete Website Design, Development & Web Hosting
Webmaster Services and Quality S.E.O. Service
Maintainence and Fixing Existing Sites
While You Do What You Do Best!