Web Developmnt Benefits for Your Company with A Website By Spectrum21!

Benefits you Can Rely on!

Get Your Company Online:
Today more and more companies, organizations, and individuals are looking for specialists to create and host their web pages. Having Spectrum21 create and host your website makes so much sense.  You can satisfy your need of having your company showcased on the World Wide Web and have Spectrum21 keep control of your Internet needs.  As a Spectrum21 client, you will have the resources of creative Web Development along with world class Web Hosting, Web Consulting, E-commerce Solutions, and other products.  You can do what you do best while leaving the Internet specialties to us.

Save Money:

Outsourcing your website development and web hosting with Spectrum21 is a great value.  Forrester estimates an internally hosted, high-end site costs $ 61,000per year, not counting the cost of developing your site or new head-count.  If your site demands 24-hour reliability, you’ll spend even more for additional personnel, redundant hardware, extra lines for peak loads and so on. Spectrum21 has the backup of a multi-million dollar technical infrastructure already in place: multiple T3 connections, dozens of powerful Silicon Graphic servers, Cisco switches and routers, backup power generators and much more.  This level of technology would be prohibitively expensive for you to create on your own.

Save Resources:
Web Developing and Hosting with Spectrum21 can help you free up your resources to do other things in your business. Keeping up with ever-changing web technology requires an enormous amount of time and human resources.  Spectrum21 has access to highly trained, knowledgeable support staff in place to operate the systems, provide us with ever-changing technical support, and manage the entire operation 24 hours a day, every day.  Duplicating our commitment to web development and web hosting is a tall order for most organizations.

Save Time:
Becoming part of the World Wide Web with Spectrum21 is fast and easy.  Spectrum21 specializes in Web Development and Web Hosting, which means that we can get your site created, up and be running as fast as possible.  Access to our network infrastructure is already in place, these systems are already up and running, and ready to serve you.

Custom Web Development:
Spectrum21 can produce the site pages you need to stay competitive.  From E-commerce and dynamic sites to a smaller 3 page “Spectrum21/Signature” site. Besides being cost effective(Webmaster earnings are in excess of $45,000 per year) you will get current skills with up-to-date understanding and knowledge of the state of the Internet today.

Web Hosting:
Our hosting services is backed up by a world-class Internet company having the most advanced systems available.  With powerful Unix Systems and Microsoft®Windows NT Systems to host your site.

E-Commerce Solutions:
Spectrum21 is ready to set your business up with a choice of quality e-commerce solutions with real-time credit card processing to off-line processing.  Our E-commerce plans can build the store you need from 10 items and up.  With secure shopping carts, secure order capture, tax calculation and more.  In the past couple of years Internet purchasing has more then quadrupled each year!  Get your business ready for the next wave of Internet sales.  You too can make sales through the

Exclusive Benefits:
Custom Web Developing and the best Web Hosting. Only Spectrum21 can give you so much. Our web hosting systems are among the most advanced available. Multiple T3 Internet connections,multi-processor SGI servers, redundant back-up systems, and proprietary software give you what you need to consistently out perform the competition. Our wide offering of web hosting plans and wealth of features give you complete solutions to satisfy your Company needs and those of your Customers.

24/7 Support:
We are committed to providing our Clients the support they need to provide the highest quality web developing and web hosting services in the world.  Contact Technical support through our form and will be addressed as soon as possible and a response will be sent back to you. Our normal business hours for immediate support are 8am-8pm PST. Everyday.  E-mail accepted at all times
with response time within 6 hours.

Make Contact:
Contacting Spectrum21 is easy, you are already here.  You can send a inquiry to our
our customer service department now for more information by completeing the form here. Finally, you can contact by regular mail at: Spectrum21 P.O. Box 10543 Fullerton, Ca 92838.  
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