Web Master Plans

Web master plans by Spectrum21 offering several plans to suit your exacting needs.
Whichever plan you choose you can be assured of the upmost service, management and control of your web site. So…The choice is yours!




Web Master “Gold”

This plan is for large companies that need the additional help with ALL areas of their website. Constant content changes handled as well. Save with this plan just on Personnel cost alone!

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Web Master “Silver”

Medium size companies find this plan useful by saving on hiring full-time help to change, fix and control their Web Presence. We can handle your few changes and needs without employee salaries and other costs

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Web Master “Bronze”

Bronze Web Master is for small companies with few changes but would like the low cost of making changes they find hard to make without proper staff. Full website contol for any changes within retraints.

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Our Gold Plan Includes Programmimg
  • Adding New Web Pages to your Web Site
  • All Services Including Content Changes
  • Programming and Data Base
  • Pop-up ads to responsive websites
  • Website Form creation and changes
  • Search Engine Optimization control.
  • Hour Limits for Month Apply
  • Just about anything!
Our Silver Plan covers most situations
  • Changes to existing Web Pages.
  • Adding New Web Pages
  • Monitoring of Control Panel, email, etc.
  • Updating images and bad links.
  • Content changes and corrections.
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Web Site Statistics and Uptime reports
  • Hour Limits for Month Apply
Our Bronze Plan is for basic changes/monitoring
  • Changes to exsisting Web Pages.
  • Updating Images and bad Links.
  • Content Spelling corrections and minor changes.
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Web Site Statistics and Uptime reports
  • Hour Limits for Month Apply

***Special offer Monday – Thursday ONLY!: Minor Page Changes No Programming only..$25.00 per hour! As a Carte Blanche customer…contact us for more details use link below.

*Webmaster Account Limits cannot be transferred month to month.
Service period starts first of month.